Bill Wisch
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TONY SLYDINI (1900-1991) was arguably one of the two finest, sleight of hand artists and teachers of the art of magic in the twentieth century.
Among his students were Doug Henning, Mohammed Ali, Dick Cavett and other celebrities, as well as many hundreds, if not thousands of students
throughout the world. Slydini only selected one protégé and that is Bill Wisch.


Bill Wisch is the only student ever authorized by Slydini to lecture his magic, on his behalf, which he did to thousands of magicians in 74 cities
throughout the United States and Canada from 1976 to 1979. Slydini asked Bill, and personally sponsored him in writing*, to take his place and
introduce the double-volume book sets, written by Karl Fulves, “The Best of Slydini and More" and "The Magical World of Slydini",
both now classics of magical literature.

At each lecture, Bill demonstrated all of the Slydini classics, and also took audience requests for many of Slydini's less familiar effects and routines.
Since 1975, he has presented over 500 lectures to magic clubs and organizations throughout North America.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1977