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Bill Wisch
Lobby Magic
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Our 2012 Lobby Performers


The Magic of Darryl V. Harris
Darryl Harris is a professional magician, specializing in close-up magic, with more than 30 years of performing experience. He was born and raised in New Jersey, and is a creator, writer, and teacher of magic, and published in several books and magic magazines. Darryl has performed at the famed F.F.F.F Convention, Tannen's Jubilee and was a big hit for us at last year's, Metro-Magic convention. When you watch Darryl, it's easy to see that he loves performing, and communicates that joy to his audience. Everyday objects take on a mystical quality in his hands. He has a unique style that has a soft touch, and is very smooth.

The Magic of George Bradley
Over the years George Bradley has been delighting audiences with his repertoire of close up, parlor and stage magic. A native New Yorker, George has resided in the Washington DC area for 20 years. He’s one of those rare performers that just seems to make the most amazing things happen, naturally, right in front of your eyes or in your own hands. For many years George haunted Magic shops around the world to hone his skills. George has traveled extensively, is a member of The Magic Circle in London and has performed all over the United States, London, U.K. and Milan, Italy.