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Bill Wisch
Table of Contents - The Slydini Legacy
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Slydini -The Legacy
By Bill Wisch

An I.C.O.M. tribute to one of the greatest magical artists who ever lived. 
Thirty four monthly chapters from September, 1997 to December 2000 - total 66 pages. 
Used with permission – The International Conservatory of Magic and Wisch-Craft Productions.
©1997 – 2012 Wisch-Craft Productions


Tony Slydini and Bill Wisch shared a unique bond. It was an association that went beyond the normal student teacher relationship. Slydini entrusted Bill with many valued secrets and philosophies and much of this material has been withheld from the magical community to this day! To the students of I.C.O.M Online, a special feature and opportunity is presented….the inside secrets of Slydini. This is our way of preserving the brilliance of Tony for all time. Bill will be releasing bits and pieces monthly for all of I.C.O.M. Such material needs to be absorbed a bit at a time. It is priceless knowledge. - Bobby J. Gallo, co-founder