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Bill Wisch
Metro-Magic 1
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November 6, 2005


Thank you, Steve Dusheck, for being Steve Dusheck.
It was our honor, to honor you, for your
incredible contributions to the magic world.
We will have the "cardboard table" bronzed and
it will be on display at "metro-magic 2".


Thank you Darwin Ortiz for allowing us to see
what four hundred years of practice looks like
condensed into a single lifetime.


Thank you Bobby Gallo for your fresh ideas,
unique style and the best Thumb-Tie ever!

Thanks to Mickey Silver for his tireless repetitions of the "Silver Symphony".

Kevin Wisch------Mickey Silver------Cheryl Wisch

Special thanks to our marvelous, lobby magicians, Mark Zacharia and Josh Herman, and to all the impromptu
wonder-workers (you know who you are) who added so much for so many.

Thank you to the wonderful dealers we were so fortunate to have.

Thank you to Sandy Kartzman for hosting the dealers show.

Thank you to our technical gurus who made it look easy and sound perfect!

Thank you to our "behind the scenes" staff...the registration, sales, promotional
and organizational
helpers who were the real magicians.

Thank You to the Quality Inn for everything we needed and then some.

On November 6th, 2005, the real magic wasn't at the NYC marathon or at the Jets game.

The real magic in the New York City metropolitan area was at Metro-Magic 1.

Thank YOU for coming!