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Bill Wisch
Metro-Magic 4 - 2008
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At Metro-Magic 4, a select panel of magicians assembled to honor
both the Zarrow family, and the launch of Herb's marvelous book.
"Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic"

written by David Ben

to see photos and also
listen to the panel tribute.


Our heartfelt thanks to our honored guests:


The family and friends of Herb Zarrow.

and to all those attending this special, Metro-Magic Convention.
A special thank you to our featured performers:


Special thanks to Tom Sisti for all his hard work and effort in so many ways.
Also, our sincere thanks to Josh Herman, Dennis McSweeney, Mark Zacharia, Art Pinsky, Dennis Telischak,
Gene Nebel, Steve Forster, Richard Bangs, David Corsaro, Kevin Wisch, Asia, Jorge Mirabal and Bob Solari, Sr.
Thanks also to our fantastic, "behind the curtains" staff...the registrations, sales, promotions, public relations
and organizational helpers.
YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE...and we thank you so much for such an outstanding job!
Also, thank you to the entire, Totowa/Wayne, HOLIDAY INN staff.
And most of all thanks toYOUfor attending and
making Metro-Magic 4 such a special one.