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Bill Wisch
Metro-Magic V.I.P. 2010
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Metro-Magic VIP Convention 2010xxxx

Reviewed by RIZZO – “THE MAGIC CAFÉ”


October 3, 2010 was the 6th annual, one-day, Metro-Magic extravaganza hosted by Bob Solari, Bill Wisch and Carl Bajor. The doors opened at 9am and the magic, fun, excitement and entertainment continued throughout the entire day ending at 10 pm.

Dealers: Bob Little, Sorcery With Class, Joe Mogar, Martinis Magic, P&A Silks, Neal Prete, John Born, Bob Solari, Fred’s Books, Daryl, Paul Hallas and Paul Green. There were great deals and all dealers had so much to offer. These guys all did a fine job during the dealer demo segment and were a blast to deal with at their booths.

Bill Wisch started the lectures off with his ideas and philosophies on card handling. He thoroughly reviewed the art of being natural vs. awkward with card handling. Bill talked about the double lift as Slydini used to preach, its no good. Do it again. It appears that a lot of us do the double lift but most do it just ok. Bill taught us simple elegant natural handlings of this move and many others. He was a pleasure to watch with his gentlemanly demeaner and truly enjoys showing how and why he has been in the game a long time. He is currently finalizing his tour plans to take his Slydini lecture back on the road again. He is the only student of Slydini who had the master's blessing to tour extensively years ago presenting this lecture and is about to embark on the road again. You do not want to miss this lecture!

Dorothy Dietrich was then awarded for all of her magical achievements over the years including the bullet catch, straight jacket escape while hanging upside down on a burning rope high in the sky as well as many TV performance spots throughout her career. Dorothy was delighted to be on hand for this award and shared her stories as we watched her daring stunts on a large screen.



Paul Green was now up doing a fine lecture and making us fully comprehend that the magic we do is for the audience, not for us and we are always to remember this. It is for the audience, it is not about us. Paul did a great job as he touched on all his effects that earn him the high paying jobs and shared his heart with us. He left nothing out and answered every question asked. Cards, coins and the pass that he does oh so well were all reviewed to the finest detail as to why these effects work, how they work and why the audience is so involved with them all. You must catch Paul when he next lectures near you.

Time for John Born. How about Matrix, Gods Way? Well John sat up close and fooled us over and over even after explaining his coin work to us. What a delight. John shared lots of ideas with us and was a very personable performer. Cards, coins and mentalism is what John delivered and  delivered quite well on this afternoon. He gave us an effect that could immediately go into our bag of tricks as well as many others that will bust our knuckles for a bit longer. He shared why his effects work, why they are routined the way they are and how he adapts them to different performance and different audience situations.

Daryl hit the floor next and was a nonstop energetic performer with funny lines, a great style that we all love and went over very well. Ropes, cards, coins and his Rubik cube were all taught down to the finest detail. There was something for everyone here. Stage, platform, parlor and close up. Daryl does it all and does it well. He has been doing this a long time and his technique and audience management is

something to see and learn from.

The close-up show was the grand finale. All four lecturers performed in 4 small intimate rooms. There was not a bad seat to be had. The performers did their close up set and then moved on to the next room. The beauty is that all 4 performers are on at the same time and rotate room to room.

Bill Wisch fooling us with cards, ropes and an elegant routine to soft music. His linking rings was a thing of beauty to watch. Paul Green proving why he is so successful with his magic career traveling the world. He was a delight to watch in action. John Born, with a mini-linking ring routine and a card at any number dealt by the spectator. I know it floored everyone as even Paul Hallas was fooled by it. John then did some coin work.

It was a solid performance with some fine music mixed in. Last up was Daryl and he did his 3 fly, he did card effects and he totally entertained us all for a strong finish to this fantastic day.

The best part of this evening set was that even after sitting through and learning from these very creative professional magicians throughout the afternoon lectures, they all entertained and fooled us hours later in this intimate setting proving that it is not about what you know but how you do it, how you deliver it and how to entertain the audience. Mingling throughout the day was Meir Yedid, Doug Edwards, Michael Rubenstein, Roger

Monaco and others who seem to be here year after year. This is a day you must attend in 2011. The hosts are true gentlemen and the talent is always incredible. You can see all previous events and performers at metro-magic.com. See you there in 2011.


Special thanks to Tom Sisti for all his hard work and effort, as usual.


Also, our sincere thanks to Howie and Rose Baltus, Josh Herman, Dennis McSweeney, Mark Zacharia,

"Rizzo", Dennis Telischak, John Bukowski, Chiqui Mirabal, Bill Hamlin, Steve Forster, David Corsaro,

Ron Chicken, Richie Magic, Kevin Wisch, Al Callus, Dennis Demarco, Sandy Kartzman and Bob Solari, Sr.


Thanks also to our fantastic, "behind the curtains" staff...the registrations, sales, promotions,

public relations and organizational helpers...YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE...

we have a good, loyal staff and we thank you so much for such an outstanding job!

Also, thank you to the entire, Lyndhurst, NJ, QUALITY INN staff.
And most of all thanks toYOUfor attending and making Metro-Magic V.I.P 6. so successful.