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Bill Wisch
Metro-Magic V.I.P. 2011
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Metro-Magic V.I.P. 2011

Reviewed by RIZZO - "The Magic Cafe"


Well this year marked the 7th year in a row for Metro-Magic V.I.P., the finest, close-up convention on the east coast. This yearly event, featuring the top names in magic, is run by Bob Solari, Bill Wisch and Carl Bajor, three of the finest gentleman one can ever meet. This 12 hour, non-stop magical event runs seamless, from the pre-registration process down to the late-comers who pay at the door. It is a thing of beauty, a well oiled machine. The staff is available for anyone needing anything, anytime. The hosts who run the show go above and beyond to assure that everyone who attends this fantastic yearly event gets much more than they anticipated, upon arriving at this nice facility where all the magic happens. You must visit metro-magic.com to see the list of fine dealers who were demonstrating and selling their items all day long… deals for all. You will also be able to see the entire event schedule as well as this year’s performers. Visiting the sight will allow me the freedom to not have to write about what you can easily see there as it's accuracy as to what the day was all about.
The 3 performers this year were Lennart Green, Dan Fleshman and Wayne Houchin. They each did an afternoon lecture as well as the evening close-up show in a very intimate setting where there is never a bad seat. All three performers shared, in detail, their pet effects, why they work and the psychology behind most of their routines.
To see Lennart Green up close and personal was a treat for the entire audience who witnessed his crazy performance style, where mishaps turn into magic…where dropped cards instantly become arranged upon scooping them up…where Lennart is blind folded and has his entire head wrapped in aluminum foil yet still plucks cards out of the deck in order. Chaos at it's best. Or is it? What appears to be chaos is a finely honed skill that looks impossible but Lennart shows us how to make it a reality, with a lot of practice of course.

Wayne Houchin was pulling thread from his eye, running a lighter flame around his fingers and hand, penetrating a sealed soda can with a borrowed, signed quarter, as well as tipping his torn and restored card effect titled “Counterfeit Hollingsworth”. Wayne also spoke about his earlier years of creating some of his effects that he still uses today, as well as consulting for TV magic shows. Wayne shared all these effects, plus a few others, with those in attendance for the lecture.

Dan Fleshman is a worker who has been in the business quite some time and his performance style is relaxed, funny and magical. Dan shared his pet effects with us and was entertaining to say the least. His effects are magical in his hands and he shared how we all could use his routines too, that they were there for us to have, his way of sharing like others had shared with him over the years. Dan is extremely good at what he does and his lecture was enjoyed by all. Card effects, cups and balls, ropes…Dan had something for everyone.
In the evening after a dinner break, these 3 performers, who shared so much with us in the lectures, came back and fooled us badly at the close- up show.

Wayne Houchin was swallowing 40 pins and then some thread and after showing an empty mouth, he begins pulling 6 feet of thread from his mouth with 40 pins attached to it. He then has solid silverware bending while being held by 4 spectators. Lennart Green
is doing a set with cards while having an audience member sitting next to him. He is fooling us all, over and over again. He then does a 4 shell type effect with a rubber pea which is beautiful.
Dan Fleshman had a solid performance, too, where as I looked around the intimate room, all were smiling and thoroughly enjoying this worker doing his thing. Dan was the man. As the evening close-up show came to a close.
Lennart Green had a final lecture, his 2nd of the day where he answered questions and reviewed in more detail some more of his effects. This was a nice finish to Metro Magic number 7.
I want to add that throughout the day, there were two amazing, lobby magicians performing, Darryl Harris and George Bradley, which is not only a treat for us attending this event but also for hotel guests passing by and witnessing great close up routines in the lobby. This event always brings the talent, not only the paid performers but also the attendees. This year we had Tony Clark, Meir Yedid, Roger Monaco and others mingling and holding court throughout the day. Everyone is so approachable and willing to share, watch, critique and enjoy a story and a laugh.
I will end this mini-review here and, in doing, must stress that Bob, Bill and Carl deserve a thank you for running a professional, fun-filled day of non-stop action. There never seems to be any glitches in scheduling, lighting or even sound and it truly amazes me to see, year after year, smiles on everyone’s faces all day long. There is never any attitude from anyone and the atmosphere is extremely pleasant. That in itself is worth the small price of admittance. This year was a great turnout, quite a lot of happy attendees who undoubtedly will be back next year for year number 8. I know I will be!


Thanks to our performers for such a magical time.
Thanks to all of our awesome dealers.
Special thanks to Howie and Rose Baltus for everything you guys do.


Also, our sincere thanks to Tom Sisti, Josh Herman, Dennis McSweeney,
Mark Zacharia, Dennis Telischak, John Bukowski, Mark Cahill, Richie Magic,
Chiqui Mirabal, Bill Hamlin, Steve Forster, David Corsaro, Kevin Wisch,
Dennis Demarco, Sandy Kartzman and Bob Solari, Sr.

Thanks also to our fantastic, "behind the curtains" staff...the
registrations, sales, promotions, public relations and organizational helpers...


We have a tremendously, loyal staff and we thank everyone so much for everything
you do, in every way!

Also, thank you to the entire, Lyndhurst, NJ, QUALITY INN staff.
And most of all thanks to
YOU for attending and making

Metro-Magic V.I.P. so successful. See you next year!!!