Bill Wisch
Metro-Magic V.I.P. 2012
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Metro-Magic V.I.P. 2012


Reviewed by “RIZZO” on the Magic Café.
Sunday, Oct 14, 2012 marked the 8th annual Metro Magic one-day, close-up convention, one of the finest you can
and should attend. It becomes obviously apparent that the hosts of this event reach far and deep to bring stellar
talent year after year with 2012 being no different. Paul Gertner, Dan Harlan, Nathan Kranzo and George Bradley.
Please visit for the complete schedule. Speaking of schedule, this year was another seamless and
flawless event. From the pre-registration to those that elected to show up at the door the day of, it was so smooth.
I must say that from those working the door, the frontline welcoming committee so to speak up to and including the
hosts themselves, one can never ask for anything else. It is the most respectable professional staff you will ever meet.
The dealer demo offered an insight of what was hot, what was new and what was on special. The lectures immediately
followed the dealer demo segment and I can honestly say that there was only positive chatter throughout the day
regarding all of the lectures. Sure we all have a favorite but I can attest to the fact that every single one of them went
over extremely well. Unless you were asleep, you would have had to take away something if not a truck full of ideas
from these pros that shared so much with us. George Bradley shows us how to get the most out of needing little as
far as props. Very entertaining and enjoyable. Paul Gertner talks about working different events and the business side
of being successful. He too gets a lot out of a deck of cards and minimal luggage. Nathan Kranzo is so comfortable
working a room and quite funny with lines just pouring from his mouth, rapid- fire comedy mixed with magic. Like George
and Paul before him, very entertaining and magical moments throughout the lecture. Dan Harlan closed out the lecture
schedule and he was well received and shared quite a bit. The why, how, opinions and the magic that makes him so
successful. He fooled the entire room with his simple version of the professors nightmare. It is a thing of beauty. If you
have not seen this or know the workings of it, you must track it down. At this point in time, all four lectures were over,
all attendees again mingled and spent their money at the wonderful dealer tables which were open and attentive
throughout the entire event. Again, please visit to see the list of dealers that were present. You can
also see all the previous events back to day one.
After the dinner break, we were back in small intimate rooms for the evening close up show featuring the same four
professionals from the lectures. It was now their time to shine, fool us and entertain us and that is exactly what they
did, all four of them. Entertained us, fooled us and made the smiles permanent on our face. In closing, I must stress
that this was another fantastic successful event, at least from an audience perspective. The schedule, the planning, the
timing and the closing show all add up to me ready to register for next years event. Do yourselves a favor and attend
this one day magical close up convention the very next time it is scheduled. People come in from all the surroundings
areas, NY, PA, CT, DE, NJ and elsewhere. There is a valid reason for their travels. It is well worth it. Great people, great
talent, great staff and generous honorable host.


Thanks to all of our performers for such a magical time.
And thanks to all of our awesome dealers.
Special thanks to Howie and Rose Baltus for everything you guys do.
Also, our sincere thanks to: Tom Sisti, Josh Herman, Jason Messina,
Dennis McSweeney, John Bukowski, Mark Cahill, Chiqui Mirabal, Kevin Wisch,
Craig Dickson, Tim Fortune, Sanford Kartzman, Bill Hamlin and Bob Solari, Sr.
Thanks also to our fantastic, "behind the curtains" staff...the
registrations, sales, promotions, public relations and organizational helpers...
We have a tremendously, loyal staff and we thank everyone so
much for everything you do, in every way!
Also, thank you to the entire, Lyndhurst, NJ, QUALITY INN staff.