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Bill Wisch
Metro-Magic V.I.P. Producers
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Bob Solari has marketed over 100 effects to date. He has lectured throughout the United States, including multiple appearances at the Magic Castle in Hollywood CA., where he has been nominated for "Lecturer of the Year". Bob also owns a successful internet magic business, "Bob Solari Magic", where many of his creations are featured along with a variety of other items from different manufacturers. He has authored a 'one-man parade' in, "The Linking Ring", and has had numerous effects published in many magic publications.


Bill Wisch is Tony Slydini's protege and the only student Slydini ever sponsored to lecture his magic, on his behalf. He has been a full-time, professional, sleight of hand artist since 1975. Through the years, he has created many sleights and techniques, designed to make learning and performing difficult sleight of hand magic, easier and more efficient. In 1986, he created "The Wisch Wedge Techniques" (formerly, the Phan-thumb Techniques), labeled by many, including Dai Vernon, Slydini, Charlie Miller, Larry Jennings, Harry Riser and many more, as the most natural, card-handling techniques they have ever seen.


Carl Bajor has been an integral part of the Central New Jersey magic scene since the early 1950s. When John McNicholas was next in line to move up to the position of President of the Elizabeth IBM ring, and was passed over after missing a few meetings due to his disabled child, Carl approached him to start the, “Magician’s Round Table of Elizabeth”, in the back room of John’s bar. It was agreed that it would be independent of IBM and SAM, but would except members from both, as well as anyone else with an interest in magic. It would be a "lecture only" group that would NOT be run by elected officials, but by a committee who’s members would be picked by Carl and John. Over the years, many have been part of the committee, and as such, the John McNicholas Magician’s Round Table (or JMMRT, renamed after John’s death) has become the oldest running lecture group in the USA. Besides the JMMRT, Carl was also one of the charter members of the Harry Blackstone Magic Society (later to become IBM Ring 200) along with names such as Art Swan and Al Delage both of whom appeared on national TV. He went on to become President of Ring 200 during the 1973-1975 terms. During this time period, he along with Al Hillman and Jim Angelo, had the pleasure of helping a young member of the ring by the name of David Kotkin, who became David Copperfield. He and David have remained friends over the years, and it is not unusual for Carl to receive a call from him, or even for David to delay his show a few minutes and visit if Carl was present. Carl was named the New Jersey TVP in the year 2006.On top of all this, Carl was the originator of the “Magic FunDay” one day magic convention and ran it for many years. He gave many “names” their first breaks, and made many contacts throughout not only the USA, but around the world. Many from all over were well aware of this “little convention.” During all of this, besides his full time job as an electrical worker, Carl was doing shows for himself under the name, “Carlini”, and became the International House of Pancakes local spokesman as "Choco the Magic Clown". After selling “Funday” to three local magicians, Carl took a few years off and away from convention running until he was approached by Bill Wisch and Bob Solari about joining in to develop, “Metro-Magic”, which has become one of the premier, one-day, magic conventions in the country. Like I said in the beginning, Carl has been an integral part of the magic community in New Jersey, and there are a great many people who have him to thank for where they are and how they feel about this wonderful art form. There are not many who have done so much, and for so many years. ---written by Eric Appel