Bill Wisch
Princess Card Trick-Royal Redo
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The Princess Card Trick

In 1975, while searching for an idea for something 
to manufacture and market during his upcoming 
Slydini lecture tours, Bill discovered in the book,
"The Dai Vernon Tribute To Nate Leipzig",
a little-known, five card trick invented in 1905 by
Henry Hardin. It  was a fantastic effect but
required specially inked cards. After creating and
developing a practical method for making the
complicated cards, Bill introduced the now classic,
"Princess Card Trick", to an unaware generation
of magicians. For over thirty years Bill handcrafted
and sold more than 20,000 sets of this one effect
alone, far surpassing any other handcrafted card
trick in history. Then, a few years passed and it
became available, pre-printed on Bicycle stock
by a number of dealers. Also, for several years
you may have seen it performed on the Internet
...millions of people have!


"Bill's cards are truly a work of art"...Mike Rogers



Thirty years later, Bill has done it again and released an updated version with a more
effective card design, new routine and a much needed finish. "ROYAL REDO",
released by Elmwood Magic, increases the performance value of the Princess Card
Trick even further and should, once again, spark a renewed interest in this
amazing, mind-reading miracle.

"....100% practical for the real world.  It is instantly repeatable for the same
audience and it even fools them more the second, and third time, they see it. If you
want my honest, condensed opinion of Bill Wisch's Royal Redo, it's perfect magic!"
Steve Dusheck
“Bill has developed an original approach to a classic.Among its features, the
cards are displayed at the fingertips, and all five cards are visible at all times.
Even knowing the secret, I was fooled. 'Diminishing Princess' is the definitive
version of this classic because it looks exactly like mindreading.”
Karl Fulves
"I first met Bill Wisch in the late 70's and he fooled me quite badly with a card trick.
Thirty plus years later, he has done it again...WITH THE SAME TRICK! Bill has added many
new subtleties and has refined it to become a true show piece. I cannot recommend Royal
Redo enough. If you perform this effect as Bill does, people will swear you can read
their minds.  I thought Bill did!"
Mike Gallo